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Between the hectic urban centers of Atlanta and Birmingham, are many miles of beautiful countryside and quaint communities. Hometowns like Dallas and Hiram, epitomize the quiet charm that makes Paulding County unique.


These areas offer a way of like that is wonderfully unique in America today. Beautiful, natural surroundings, unprecedented business and commercial growth opportunities, secure and diverse neighborhoods, progressive educational and social environments, and selective amenities!


Offering all the amenities of modern life - just minutes from Atlanta, close enough to take full advantage of the cultural, commercial, and social opportunities that this thriving metropolis offers!

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Residents practicing all faiths and belief traditions are welcomed here in Paulding County, giving us a diverse and well-rounded spiritual community. There are a number of Protestant denominations, the Catholic Church, several non-denominational congregations and groups following the Christian spiritual paths worship with us here.


Paulding County's faithful congregations reach out to offer special group ministries and activities for singles, children, and youth, women's ministries, contemporary services, and scripture study groups. Joining a ministry support group or church sports team are great ways to meet new people.


Places of Worship

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