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Upcoming Events
main street downtown dallas halloween trick or treat

Halloween Trick or Treating
October 31st - Friday
5:00pm to 9:00pm
Downtown Dallas


Various Residents and Businesses in the Downtown Dallas area, along Hardee Street, Main Street, North Confederate Avenue welcome Trick or Treaters for Halloween!

ghost train haunted house villa rica

Ghost Train & Haunted House
Pine Mountain Gold Museum
1881 Stockmar Rd - Villa Rica
Throughout the month of October
Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights 6pm - 10pm


Something is awry on the mountain as old forgotten Gold Miners seem to be coming back to life! Get your Halloween chills and thrills as you ride on our own Ghost Train and tour our Haunted Hut! Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6pm - 10pm each night. Tickets will be on sale for $10 per train ride or $10 per Haunted Hut, or purchase a combo ticket that will cover both the Ghost Train AND the Haunted Hut for only $15 per person! 6pm - 7pm will be geared towards younger audiences, but once it gets dark, it gets scarier and may be better suited for teens and older.


For More Information, Call 770-459-8455

rumplestiltskin wizard of oz dallas theater birmingham childrens

Birmingham Children's Theatre
Dallas Theater - Civic Center


November 1st - Saturday; 1:00pm


When a young girl is commanded by the king to spin straw, she doesn't know what to do until a little man offers to spin the straw for very little in return. But what happens when his cost becomes too high?


Join us for this classic tale about a young girl, a handsome king, a taxing promise, and a little man with a big name!


Ticket Prices $10.00- Regular / $8.00– Discount



The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
November 1st - Saturday; 5:00pm


A fun and colorful take on the classic novel by L. Frank Baum, this musical will transport you into the magical Land of Oz where Dorothy and her beloved friends must defeat the Wicked Witch, find the Wizard, and get Dorothy safely home. Throughout their journey they meet a magical cast of characters, learn the power of friendship, and the real meaning of home.


Ticket Prices $10.00- Regular / $8.00– Discount

Discount Tickets must be purchased at the Theater's Box Office or by calling 770-445-5180

It's Time to Fall Back at 2:00am on Sunday Morning, November 2nd -- Don't forget to turn the clocks "back one hour!!"
Additional Events